Lock-up/Un-Lock Service

Commercial crime is on the increase, especially where factories and workshops are located on isolated out of town industrial estates.

We can offer a complete package of security services to reduce the risk of crime. This can take the form of mobile patrols, perimeter security, static guarding and dog patrols. Each individual site is assessed by an experienced security professional who will advise on the most effective security measures. We have a wide range of services which enables us to adapt to each individual client requirements giving the best protection for their property. Theft and vandalism cause costly delays and disruption to companies. The cost of employing an effective security service can be recouped in reduced insurance premiums.

All retail premises are vulnerable, whether it is from organised gangs or the individual chancing their arm. Statistics show that retail crime can be substantially reduced by the employment of alert and highly visible security guards. We can provide uniformed teams of highly experienced personnel to guard any retail activity. With a combination of static guarding and mobile patrols we identify problem areas, maintain surveillance and finally take unobtrusive action.

Shopping Centres - Using trained and uniformed staff we provide visible security presence for shopping centres. Our experienced officers monitor and assess crowd movements and are trained to act quickly and effectively to deal with any incident that may arise. This service provides both the retailer and the genuine customer with confidence that they can shop in safety.